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Radar Archive of Wilma -- October 24, 2005
Wilma Approaching The Treasure Coast. On October 24, 2005, Wilma approached the Treasure Coast and South Florida with a vengence. Ironically, she brought down the first cold front of the season on the same day as this year.  The links below represent 3 files of archived radar footage from the KMLB radar site in Melbourne, Florida. The files are large and will be slow to load with a dialup. Files are customised with filters.

Archive 1---Wilma on her approach to the East Coast of Florida.

Archive 2-- Wilma's eye is over the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County.

Archive 3--  Wilma as she leaves the coast. This is the area that caused the strongest winds as the back side was over the coast.
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Archived Forecast Track of Wilma
Wilma Video 1 Boca Raton
Wilma in Port St. Lucie CLIP 1  CLIP2  CLIP3